Ersatzmagazin für Gamo PT-85 Co2-Pistolen / P-25 Co2-Pistole

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Ersatzmagazin für Gamo PT-85 Co2-Pistolen / P-25 Co2-Pistole

Das passende Ersatzmagazin für die Gamo PT-85 Co2-Pistolen Schwarz und Bicolor Sand, sowie die P-25. Das Trommelmagazin hat eine Kapazität von 2x8 Schuss.


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Ryanvideodv Ryan B., 14.05.2016

I bought the last set of 4 mags from 4kommas5 had for my CZ-p09 they fit and work.Sorry guys..Nice thing Bout these mags i think the diabolo or pellet seat tighter fit specially those flat Head mosquitos or HN flat head..I am now looking for the Gamo C-15 Need those for my sig p250 and my new c-15..The delivery was fast..It be Nice you lease the Order Open for at lease 20 minutes for People like me who might see an Other interesting product they might like to order to add to the previous Order being prepared to be send.Any How I am happy.Everything works.I silicon oil the magazines rotary and the gun magazine breach where the mags load this helps any one complaining Bout jam guns..Allways oil your gun out the Package.

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